Wowza Control Panel

Willow provides realtime graphical and data based updates on the server that you are connected to. We have added in graphs and grids of data to help you understand what is happening not only throughout the application, but also down to each instance of any application that is running on the server. This can be very useful in figuring out how much of a load the server has or how popular an event or game is based on the connection count and network traffic for an application and/or instance.

Setting up applications on Wowza couldn’t be easier now with our application wizard that allows you to not have to touch the Application.xml file again. Willow displays each setting with an understandable explanation as to what it is if you need to know. You can change some or all values and save those settings to create a new application on the server to be used right away. This feature of the server administration section of Willow is very powerful and will be growing as versions increase. Willow also has the ability for simple management of your Wowza Media Server applications by adding, removing and disabling them and introspecting the application.xml files for them.

For the data that is associated with your instance in shared objects, we also have the ability to dig into them to see what the values may be at a given time. This is helpful if you use shared objects to remember the state of the application or record data to then push out later. If you’re wondering why your shared objects aren’t working as you expect, this is an indispensable tool to help in debugging.

At this point, if you need to upload a JAR file, you’ll still need to do that via FTP and then restart the service for the JAR file to take effect.

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